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Sonnie Badu has confirmed claims made by Rev. Lawrence Tetteh.

International renowned worship & praises leader, Sonnie Badu has confirmed claims by Rev Lawrence Tetteh president and founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach (WMO) that he gave him the first International exposure  It was reported days ago that, Rev Lawrence Tetteh boasted that he gave Sonnie Badu his first International exposure. Well, the UK based Ghanaian musician has affirmed to the comments passed by the man of God "...its very very very true..." Sonnie wrote in a post. He added that till now he polish the man of God's shoes and iron his shirt when he is with himand that he should brag more about him .
Read his full post below
“I still polish his shoes and iron his shirts when I am with him. So to the press ,bloggers and media calling the office to confirm , it is very very very true .. I am his son and I will forever be his son .. love you papa.. #LawrenceTetteh . I can’t forget where I started from. Sir please Brag some more, for when I was rejected and looked down up…

Ghana @ 60 not worth celebrating - Afia Schwarzenegger

Ghana's democracy and freedom of speech is something any Ghanaian can boast him/herself about. Imagine if we where  in Zimbabwe can Afia pen down an open letter to Robert Mugabe disagreeing with him? 
Well, Comedienne and Radio cum TV Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has written an open letter to president Nana Akufo Addo arguing with points why she thinks Ghana at 60 shouldn't be celebrated and even if we should celebrate should be done in moderation. On Instagram, she wrote "Dear Mr President... Ghana will be 60 a few days after my birthday and I will be turning 35 years this year.. Looking at my 35 years accomplishment which I started with nothing and A 60 years healthy mother who had it all but chose to squander, I think Granny is not worth celebrating A 60 yrs Mother who can't boast of a stable relationship with electricity and water in this modern age My 60 years mother who got nothing in her accounts but debts... My 60 years mother whose children are all jobless My 60 yr…

George Quaye makes U turn retract his comments about Gospel musicians offering bribes for awards.

George Quaye, head of Communications for Charter House, the organizers of Ghana Music Awards has rendered an unqualified apology to Gospel Artistes for his comments on THE PUNDITS show on GhOne TV that, Gospel artistes have offered him bribes to influence the VGMA award scheme In a press release Gh News Filla received Quaye apologized for his earlier remarks and ensured Ghanaians to take his comments as baseless. READ THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW
"On the Tuesday 24th January 2017 edition of the PUNDITS, a talk show that airs on GHOne TV and hosted by myself, I passed a comment that suggested that some gospel musicians had over the years attempted to influence VGMA officials, including me, in a bid to ensure that they won various awards in which they might have been nominated. The comment was made in the context of the discussion which started our “Dark Side of GH Music Series”. A three part series that will touch on the various intricacies, complications, challenges, foibles of the indust…

Fan bash Yvonne Nelson on social media.

Fan of A- list Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has blast the actress for mourning her late father.
According to the fan, Yvonne never said anything good about her father until his unfortunate demise. “U never said anything good about your dad, always mom mom mom, now that he's gone you're posting pics of you and him ??? # Coldworld may his soul rest in peace though ..!”, he wrote.

Sarkodie under attack for wrongly using a South African model in his promo.

Michael Owusu Addo affectionately called Sarkodie, the most awarded rapper in Africa is been slammed by Kwen Maye, a renowned South African model, for using his image to promote his  ‘talent exposure’ without permission. Sarkodie in a post on Instagram , invited fashionistas to display their Afro-futuristic concepts in an upcoming music video by his SarkCess Music label, a project which will not be a paid-for but will offer them immense exposure. Kwen Maye attention was drawn to his image been used by Sarkodie, he didn't take that cool and took to Instagram to question Sarkodie in a post which reads.
“@sarkodie1 you didn’t ask for my permission or contact my agency @20modelmanagement before using my picture for some cast promo.. I’m aware you don’t like when someone use ur pics without your permission___ please take it down or crop me out___ speaking for myself and don’t know about other models___ this is so wrong___ @ameyaw112 please speak to this guy to get it down____No disrespect,…

Mr Nelson, dad of Yvonne Nelson kicks the bucket.

Reports have it that, father of outspoken movie producer and actress, Yvonne Nelson has passed away. He joined the ancestors on Monday January 23rd 2017 but the cause of his dead hasn't been disclosed.
The' heels and sneakers' actress, who is mom's pet and was not that close to her father because her mom performed the role as a dad whiles growing up.

Jocelyn Dumas has advised women to stop chasing men.

Jocelyn Dumas, Actress, Producer and Television personality has expressed her thoughts about ladies who proposes their feelings to the other gender.
According to her, ladies should not be confessing their love to the male child but rather wait for the men to pour their feelings. She further said that, they are very precious than to sell themselves cheap.
The screen goddess in an  Instagram post wrote,
“Ladies! This got me thinking….Stop chasing that man around, have you stopped to think that maybe he’s just not that into you?? Don’t throw your precious stones among pigs, they wouldn’t know and appreciate its value”